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This week Tom and I do the podcast without Jenny and we take full advantage of the ability to talk about stuff that she would in no way care about! Listen this week as Tom and I talk about the history of Mad Max and delve into the world of eSports.

April 7, 2015  

This week Tom, Eric, and Jenny dig into controversy! Discussing the backlash to Trevor Noah's much discussed tweets as well as a a forbes article that made waves for calling out gaming journalists who reviewed Bloodborne. We also talk about Jay-Z's new streaming service Tidal and Furious 7, where Eric talks about his irrational dislike of the Expendables franchise. 



In this week's episode, Tom and Eric chat about what makes a good video game, the nature of storytelling in Game of Thrones, and Pi day!

Read the article from The Atlantic that was the inspiration for the conversation here:

The podcast returns! We come back with a new format where Tom and Eric move towards themed discussion on topics relating to current events.

In this weeks episode we discuss the passing of Leonard Nimoy, A.I. characters in film this year, and the highlights of GDC.

This episode we talk to the remarkably talented Sanya Anwar! Sanya is an illustrator as well as the creator of her own book 1001, a comic book based off of the Arabian Nights fables. On the episode we talk about comics, video games, and both female and people of colour represented in the mediums. You can find Sanya and her work at the links below:


Part 2 of our live podcast from Free Comic Book Day at Stadium Comics

Featuring interview with:
Maddsketch (
Shane Heron (@youngshaney)
Shaun Hatton (@megashaun)
Phil McClorey (@philmcclorey)
Dylan Kloepfer (
Adam Gorham (@adamtgorham)
April 15, 2014  

This episode we forego the guest of the week and instead Tom and I give our thoughts on some geeky topics of interest. 

We cover:
The next gen consoles and their success thus far
VR technology and what it means in gaming and beyond
What TV we're watching
The Marvel Cinematic Universe and the sustainability of the MCU model.


Television and video game writer Mike Drach (@mikedrach) talks about how he has navigated his way though the industry and his career as a staff writer. Check out his very cool indie game at

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