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This week I sit down with Brian Evinou and Phil McClorey to discuss Monstrosity 2! The follow up to their crowd funded anthology Monstrosity which was released a little under a year ago. We discuss their plans for the book and it's upcoming kickstarter campaign, as well as discussing independent comics as an industry and the state of anthology comics.

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Phil McClorey @PhilMcClorey
Brian Evinou @Brian_Evinou

This episode we talk to the remarkably talented Sanya Anwar! Sanya is an illustrator as well as the creator of her own book 1001, a comic book based off of the Arabian Nights fables. On the episode we talk about comics, video games, and both female and people of colour represented in the mediums. You can find Sanya and her work at the links below:


Part 2 of our live podcast from Free Comic Book Day at Stadium Comics

Featuring interview with:
Maddsketch (
Shane Heron (@youngshaney)
Shaun Hatton (@megashaun)
Phil McClorey (@philmcclorey)
Dylan Kloepfer (
Adam Gorham (@adamtgorham)

I went down to Stadium Comics' sidekick store to sit down and chat with Shane and Ricky of the weird and wonderful Black Hole Hunters Club comic. Shane and Ricky are active Toronto indie comic creators that are making some of the coolest and most impressive independently produced comics out there. We chat about conventions, the industry, and how to sell indie books.

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Hot on the heels of Toronto Comicon I have Toronto comic artist and writer Jason Loo! Jason's current project 'The Pitiful Human Lizard' is on Kickstarter right now, you can check it out and support the project here:

Jason can be found on twitter at: @Rebel_loo
also check out the project on facebook:

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This weeks episode I talk to Sina Grace. Sina is an illustrator and writer at Image comics and is working on wicked awesome books Burn the Orphanage and Self-Obsessed. He's also known for the cool and weird slice of life comic Lil Depressed Boy. You can find out more about his work at

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February 15, 2014  

Speaking with two fantastic web cartoonists on this weeks podcast I sat down with Megan Kearney (@spookymeggie)
 and Meaghan Carter (@mega_carter) to geek out on web comics! We talk about their career paths and the comics that inspired them. 

check out their comics at:

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