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April 15, 2014  

This episode we forego the guest of the week and instead Tom and I give our thoughts on some geeky topics of interest. 

We cover:
The next gen consoles and their success thus far
VR technology and what it means in gaming and beyond
What TV we're watching
The Marvel Cinematic Universe and the sustainability of the MCU model.

I went down to Stadium Comics' sidekick store to sit down and chat with Shane and Ricky of the weird and wonderful Black Hole Hunters Club comic. Shane and Ricky are active Toronto indie comic creators that are making some of the coolest and most impressive independently produced comics out there. We chat about conventions, the industry, and how to sell indie books.

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Hot on the heels of Toronto Comicon I have Toronto comic artist and writer Jason Loo! Jason's current project 'The Pitiful Human Lizard' is on Kickstarter right now, you can check it out and support the project here:

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This weeks episode I talk to Sina Grace. Sina is an illustrator and writer at Image comics and is working on wicked awesome books Burn the Orphanage and Self-Obsessed. He's also known for the cool and weird slice of life comic Lil Depressed Boy. You can find out more about his work at

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Television and video game writer Mike Drach (@mikedrach) talks about how he has navigated his way though the industry and his career as a staff writer. Check out his very cool indie game at

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January 29, 2014  

Hey Folks, this is an intro/test podcast nothing really relevant here to say just more of an audio test using our intro track. The music is courtesy of Bitwise Operator, you can find his album Samurai Hack here:

It's great stuff, go check it out.

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